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#QuarantineChronicles | Sade

Today's edition of the #QuarantineChronicles series is so special to me, of course, not unlike the first two but especially because she is a medical professional facing the reality of this pandemic each day. Despite being quarantined twice and working a grueling schedule, Sade somehow finds time to practice her nail and hair skills. I tip my hat to our very own #doctorbae.

First name: Sade`

Occupation: Physician

Currently working at the hospital

Today I get up at 6:30am.

Breakfast sometimes can be very mythical, especially since the pandemic. So when I actually DO have breakfast on a weekday it’s a smoothie on the weekends tuna and grits or bacon and eggs. So today I had bacon and eggs. I skipped lunch due to my work schedule but tonight I had ribs, rice and butternut squash for dinner!

I actually experienced having to self-quarantine at the emergence of the first case in Nassau. I had just come back from away and it was a scary time. I isolated from everyone. My family left food by the door (as per my request) and spoke to me through text, used gloves to take my dishes away (also my doing).

You see, my parents are over 60, and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I thought for one moment I brought something to them.

The first few days were ok, I watched TV shows and followed the instructions of employee health, log your temps. Cool np. Then one day, I had a 99F temperature. No biggie right? WRONG! My brain went off! 99 axillary = 100 core. That’s pretty hot, but not truly febrile… or was it? With no other symptoms?! Does this mean something? Am I truly ill? It was like all of my medical knowledge was being used against me. So I hit the medical journals to pacify myself but there is so little knowledge, so few studies. We’re learning as we go along. Needless to say the fear had officially set in. I was terrified, waiting, with nothing but time on my hands thanks to quarantine. It was terrible, I really started to feel like I was losing my mind. Luckily I tested negative.

Then it was back to work, I was happy to be back, but constantly worried about bringing something home to my parents. Accidental exposures were all too common despite efforts to avoid it. We’re finding new ways for the virus to present all the time. Then, exposure really happened- once again tested negative. Praise Him! **inserts praying hands emoji** At least this I was prepared mentally for what was to come. More calm, knowledgeable, and best of all I was with my sister (who is also a physician). So I didn’t have to do it alone.

I’m so proud of my colleagues. Since becoming a physician, we've really experienced a lot that would dissuade even the best of us from giving our absolute best, but everyone stepped up in this scary time. I’m proud, we love our people and I pray this is over soon.

But overall, I feared most the idea of losing my loved ones. I haven’t seen my grandmother since March, my last living grandparent. She lost her husband Feb 1st 2020 and lost two friends to covid-19. This is particularly tough because we’re the type of family that met every weekend- playing cards, eating Sunday dinner. This is quite the unwelcomed change.

During self-isolation, I had to spend more time in prayer and it was something I had been neglecting. Spending so many days on call at work keeps me so busy, the time I spent home gave me time to sit and think about what I really wanted out of life, and I’m excited to get them started. I've also been perfecting my nails. Trying to break into doing acrylics.

When this is over I am seriously looking forward to:


2. Ok but seriously, I’m really looking forward to travelling.

3. Enjoying my family, hugging them, something I took for granted.

4. Socializing again, although (when not being quarantined) the time at home wasn’t bad at all.


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