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#QuarantineChronicles | JaymeC

A Day in The Life | Jayme C.

The very first installment of the #QuarantineChronicles Day in the Life series features my very good friend, Wine Down Podcast co-host and up and coming Bahamian sensation Jayme C. Here's how physical distance has been treating her.

Note: You can stream/purchase the hit single "Right There" by Jayme C on Tidal iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify today!

First name: Jayme C.

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Currently working remotely.



I wake up at 9:55 a.m. with just enough time to wash up and put on my wig for my 10 a.m. Zoom calls. I’ve been fasting all week so I skip both breakfast and lunch. Water with lime will do!


I plow through work as normal. I love working in isolation at home more than I do in the open-concept at our office, it's just so much more peaceful here.

I’m trying to be more organized and I am working on my sanctuary. I’m not the chick that lives by a schedule. My life has always been just way too unpredictable for me to ever really stop and smell the roses or take the time to plant them or care for them. I’ve been going nonstop for as long as I know myself and now, the world is still and I have no choice but to follow suit.

So, I’ve been writing. I have nothing but time to think and to plan. I’ve always written my to do list the morning of and I think that is as far in advance my job, life and schedule allows me to plan my days for the most part. But I have made preparations to redecorate and pour more love into my sanctuary and it is what I am most excited about.

Normally, I spend so much time away from my home on average because of work and commitments that the only rooms I give attention to are my bedroom and my bathroom. I’ve been investing in my space as I plan to spend more time here and really make it more of a place of peace and not just sleep & comfort. This is my fancy way of saying I’ve ordered a ton of things on Amazon to turn my apartment into something out of a magazine by ordering wallpaper, new electronics, face steamer, humidifiers, new sheets, rugs etc. Yes, I have an Amazon problem and my love for décor is my weakness. What about it?


This is so not a good option considering I’m trying to lose weight, but I had Six N Four. I was feeling a way yesterday after a crappy start to my morning and was craving my favorite burger on the island: the Lucayan burger with sweet potato fries. Yum!

One thing I'm truly grateful for in this time of self-isolation is introspection. I’ve always looked in the mirror when I was told I needed to during a disagreement or tough conversations but not long enough to commit to making long term changes effectively. I’ve been able to sit down and evaluate myself as a person, daughter, friend, professional and lover on a different level and tell myself the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Over the last two months, I’ve been able to face all that is who I am and it’s not because anyone needed me to see a flaw in me in order to resolve an issue but because for the first time, I wanted to see the flaws in me. I wanted to learn me better so that I can grow. I’ve never really thought about myself as a project but I’ve gotten the urge to actively grow and evolve. It’s been hard realizing that I suck in some aspects (lol) but the upside is whatever I do not change/improve today, there is always tomorrow (especially when there’s a global pandemic happening and the whole world is on pause).

Top 3 things I'm looking forward to most when this is over

  1. Beauty Needs - Hair, Nails, Facial, Massage

  2. Social Needs – Spending more time with family and friends

  3. Home Needs - getting home and working on my place!

Listen to The Wine Down Podcast below!

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