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Is Sugar Factory Overrated?

Last week I went to Miami for a much needed trip away from reality as I celebrated with some of my closest girlfriends in advance of my birthday and wedding (wow!)

A group shot from the trip.

I knew months ago that I HAD to try out Sugar Factory, mostly because the drinks are way too beautiful and mesmerizing. Also, FOMO, definitely FOMO. I've seen so many snaps, blogs, and posts from other people on social media from their trip to the popular restaurant that it was a no-brainer that it would be on my hitlist for my Miami trip.


A reminder of the rating system

On a scale of 0-8 IQG Sand Dollars, restaurants will be rated on: Taste 0- Trash 1- Okay 2- Amazing Price 0- Wayyyyy too expensive 1- Cool 2- Awesome Service

0- Can we rewind and try that again? 1- Cool 2- Uncharted Territory! Ambience

0- Nothing to write home about 1- Okay 2- Breathtaking



I like to think I have really good luck when to comes to ordering menu items. This time was not an exception to the rule, I ordered the Chicken and Waffles and it was absolutely lovely. The chicken was fried perfectly and it was so juicy, coupled with waffles that were made with sense, tasty and definitely not soggy. So I would give a 2 for taste, but two of my friends hated their orders, so much so that they left them at the restaurant.

But how could I forget the main attraction? I ordered the Energy Bear, a whopping 60 ounces of Watermelon Vodka, Redbull, Gummi Bears and whatever that is they put in the drink to make the goblet smoke (liquid nitrogen). It was a sweet drink with nice flavor, and I love Redbull, but for a 60oz. alcoholic drink, I was left slightly underwhelmed at the lack of effect the drink had.

Had I ordered a 60 oz. drink at home in Nassau, I would have to be driven home. Not saying that's what I was looking for, I'm just saying I may as well had ordered the nonalcoholic version. (and yes, I did drink the entire thing)

Still, the drink tasted good. So I'm going to give a 1.5 overall for taste.


My entree was priced within reason, the goblet however was around $40, and based on my comments about the expectations of the drink, overall I'll give a 1 for price.


Nothing worth commenting on, I'll give them a 1.


It was just okay. 1 again.

Overall rating for Sugar Factory in Miami, FL: 4.5 Sand Dollars

I'm not saying I won't ever return, but I'm not getting a goblet, I satisfied my need to experience the hyped flagship item. Have you been there? If you liked anything, please comment below, I want to make notes in case I go again.

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