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Women at Work: Myah Newman

There are instances where I am forced to do nothing but soak in the fact that I am friends with amazing people. I mean, inspirational people who walk different walks of life but all so awesome in their own way. This feature in the Women at Work series is a special friend of mine who not only inspires me to push through my entrepreneurial ideas but also encourages me to stay connected to God and remain prayerful.

Special shoutout to Myah's hubby for the photos

Myah Newman is a God-fearing wife, sister and aunt, an actual Certified Public Accountant, founder of a non-profit iAm Mom and Pop and she somehow manages to find time to fully service clients as a makeup artist and proprietor of Makeup by Myah. No seriously, I am not making this up, she’s incredible. I am thankful to her for allowing me to pick her brain a bit. Enjoy our conversation below.