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Women at Work: Rouge Room's Myra Rolle

There are so many reasons I would decide to showcase my friends on this website but if I can narrow it down to two distinct reasons then firstly, I am surrounded by some serious go-getters, who are not only unsatisfied with the rat-race of single income living but are inspirations to countless other in living fully by embracing who they are and what they are good at. Secondly, they are my friends! So that already makes them awesome. “Women at Work” is a series of interviews that give a sneak peek into the minds of exceptional women making strides in their respective industries. It is my hope that you relate to at least one of them and your inner mogul will awaken. First on my long list of women at work is Myra Rolle of Rouge Room also known as Godiva Werk but best known as the lash plug. Myra seems to easily balance a full time job, a business of her own, a strenuous work out schedule (a successful one, at that) and a healthy social life. I’ve been fortunate to know this beautiful woman for years and every chance I get, I support her through purchases and sharing her brand. Here’s what we discussed recently.