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Shuang Ba - An Epicurean Journey to the East

Since its Grand Opening, Baha Mar has piqued the interest of foodies all over New Providence with its seemingly endless buffet of new restaurants, cafes and bars. Oh, the many options that we have in one area!

During the holiday season, my good friend (and fellow dining enthusiast) suggested that we visit Shuang Ba, the newest Chinese restaurant at the mega-resort. We make it a habit, each time we go out to eat, to try restaurants we've never tried before.


So here's the run down of how we will review and rate dining experiences at The Island Queen Guide: On a scale of 0-8 IQG Sand Dollars, restaurants will be rated on: Taste 0- Trash 1- Okay 2- Amazing Price 0- Wayyyyy too expensive 1- Cool 2- Awesome Service

0- Can we rewind and try that again? 1- Cool 2- Uncharted Territory! Ambience

0- Nothing to write home about 1- Okay 2- Breathtaking



I ordered the Crispy Wagyu Beef Brisket with Seafood Fried Rice and I was NOTTTTT disappointed. The beef was perfectly seasoned and cooked and it to me it was worth every dollar that I spent. The fried rice was a complete delight, with a mix of crab, shrimp and other underwater greatness added to the mix. Of course I tasted the dishes of my friends, who had Citrus Chicken and Deep Fried Salmon (these dishes can be seen on Da Food Hunters IG page below) and they were also enjoyable to my tastebuds. Taste Rating: 2/2


Price is always relative to me, especially since food is something I will blindly spend these coins on. However, I still cringe a little when I consider how much I spend that evening at Shuang Ba. Granted, most of my expense was due to the fact that Wagyu Beef is not cheap. NOT CHEAP. So as it regards price I would give it a 1/2 after looking at the prices of other menu items.


I recently saw a tweet about how happy Baha Mar employees are, and that's an understatement. From the moment you step out of your car to valet, you are showered with the enthusiasm of ten thousand workers. Our server that evening was a joy, she was able to give good suggestions, she knew the menu items very well and she found the balance between not asking enough if we needed help and asking way too many times if everything was alright. A 2/2 is just for the service we received.


The dining room is ridiculously beautiful. Each corner of the space is uniquely decorated, themed after each season. There is a distinct level of authenticity in the restaurant's design. At least, that's just my perception, I've never traveled to China so I'm just guessing. There's also soft oriental music playing in the background, which was a great touch to the setting. Rating: 2/2

Overall Rating for Shuang Ba: 7 Sand Dollars

Have you dined at Baha Mar yet? What are some of your favorite restaurants at the resort? Which restaurant do you want to be reviewed next? Let's talk.

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